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[比赛规则] 国际箭联光弓器材规则2018 译文




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      2017年底,国际箭联更新了一次光弓的规则,并在2018年又修订了2条。国际箭联关于光弓的器材规则,放在规则书的BOOK4-Field and 3D Archery(见附件)里面,这部分的内容主要讲的是原野赛和3D赛的器材和竞赛规则。光弓器材规则为22.3这一章节,我们把这部分摘出,做章节翻译。(翻译者:叶子 周澈)
      22.3. For theBarebow Division the following items are permitted:
      22.3.1. A bow ofany type provided it complies with the common meaning of the word bow as usedin target archery, that is, an instrument consisting of a handle/riser and grip(no shoot-through type) and two flexible limbs each ending in a tip with astring nock.
        The bow is bracedfor use by a single string attached directly between the two string nocks, andin operation is held in one hand by its grip while the fingers of the otherhand draw and release the string.
        The bow asdescribed above shall be bare except for the arrow rest and free fromprotrusions, sights or sight marks, marks or blemishes or laminated pieces(within the bow window area) which could be of use in aiming.
        The unbraced bowcomplete with permitted accessories shall be capable of passing through a holeor ring with a 12.2cm inside diameter +/-0.5mm.
 bow risers, and trademarks located on the inside of the upperand lower limb or on the riser are permitted.
        However if thearea within the sight window is coloured in such a way that it could be usedfor aiming, then it must be taped over.
        但如果弓窗视野内因此而出现可用于瞄准的颜色,则必须用胶带覆盖。 Risersincluding a brace are permitted provided the brace does not consistently touchthe athlete’s hand or wrist.

       22.3.2. Abowstring of any number of strands.
       弓弦的股数不限。 Whichmay be of multi-couloured strands and serving and of the material chosen forthe purpose.
       It may have acentre serving to accommodate the drawing fingers, one or two nocking points towhich may be added serving(s) to fit the arrow nock as necessary, and to locatethe nocking points.
       No lip or nosemark is permitted.
       The bowstringshall not in any way assist aiming through the use of a peephole, marking, orany other means.

       22.3.3. An arrowrest, which may be adjustable and have more than one vertical support ispermitted.
       可以使用可调式的箭台,允许对箭杆有超过一个的垂直支撑点。 Anadjustable pressure button, pressure point or arrow plate may all be used onthe bow provided they do not offer any additional aid in aiming.
       The pressure pointmay be placed no further back than 2cm (inside) from the pivot point of thegrip.

       22.3.4. No drawcheck device may be used.

       22.3.5. Face andstring walking are permitted.

       22.3.6. Nostabilisers are permitted.
       不能使用平衡杆。 Vibrationdampeners fitted as part of the bow are permitted provided that they do nothave stabilisers.
       允许使用弓身自带的减震装置。 may be added to the lower part of the riser. All weights, regardlessof shape, shall mount directly to the riser without rods, extensions, angularmounting connections or shock-absorbing devices.

      22.3.7. Arrows ofany type may be used provided they subscribe to the accepted principle andmeaning of the word arrow as used in target archery, and that these arrows donot cause undue damage to the targets.
      各种类型的箭均可使用,只要其符合射准射箭中“箭”一词的公认含义及准则,且不会对箭靶造成不当损害。 An arrowconsists of a shaft with a tip (point), nocks, fletching and, if desired,cresting.    The maximum diameter ofarrow shafts shall not exceed 9.3mm (arrow wraps shall not be considered aspart of this limitation but may not extend further than 22cm toward the arrowpoint when measured from the nock groove where the bowstring sits to the end ofthe wrap).
The tips/points ofthe arrows may not exceed 9.4mm in diameter. All arrows of every athlete shallbe marked with the athlete's name or initials on the shaft. All arrows used inany end shall be identical in appearance and shall carry the same pattern andcolour(s) of fletching, nocks and cresting, if any. Tracer nocks(electrically/electronically lighted nocks) are not allowed.

         22.3.8. Fingerprotection in the form of finger stalls or tips, gloves, or shooting tab ortape, to draw and release the string is permitted, provided they do not incorporateany device that shall assist the athlete to hold, draw and release the string.
        允许使用指套、手套、护指皮垫、或缠指胶带,用于拉弓和撒放,但它们均不可带有辅助运动员拉弓、持弓和撒放的装置。 Aseparator between the fingers to prevent pinching the arrow may be used. Ananchor plate or similar device attached to the finger protection (tab) for thepurpose of anchoring is permitted.
The stitchingshall be uniform in size and colour. Marks or lines may be added directly tothe tab or on a tape placed on the face of the tab. These marks shall beuniform in size, shape and colour. Additional memoranda is not permitted.
        On the bow hand anordinary glove, mitten or similar item may be worn but shall not be attached tothe grip of the bow.

       22.3.9.Binoculars, scopes and other visual aids for spotting arrows:
       可使用双筒望远镜、单筒望远镜和其他视觉设备观察箭支 Providedthey are not used for ranging or represent any obstruction to other athletes.
       但这些设备不可用于测距,不得对其他运动员造成任何阻碍。 glasses, shooting spectacles and sunglasses may be used. None ofthese may be fitted with micro hole lenses, or similar devices, nor may they bemarked in any way to assist in aiming.
       可以佩戴普通眼镜、射箭眼镜和太阳镜,但不得装有微孔镜或类似装置,也不能以任何方式进行标记辅助瞄准。 Should the athlete need to cover thenon-sighting eye and or glasses lens, plastic, film or tape may be used toobscure vision, or an eye patch may be used.

       22.3.10.Accesories are permitted:
       允许使用以下配件: arm guard, chest protector, bow sling, finger sling, belt, back, hipor ground-quiver.
       Devices to raise a foot or part thereof,attached or independent of the shoe, are permitted provided that the devices donot present an obstruction to other athletes at the shooting line/peg orprotrude more than 2cm past the footprint of the shoe. Also permitted are limbdampeners.


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